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Dec 04

Audio Reward Brood v1.2 KONTAKT

Audio Reward Brood v1.2 KONTAKT

Audio Reward Brood v1.2 KONTAKT | 4.37 GB

Brood is a two-part orchestral ROMpler for Kontakt 5.7+. Brood, offers you an unsettled, dark, uncomfortable, anxious sound landscape. The sound was specifically designed for Brood and its DOSA architecture: strange, random, unbalanced sound bites penetrate the sound stage, dark and premonitory, brooding sound landscapes that never repeat, this is a feature of Brood.

Brood has a two-layer architecture (so you can mix two different voices together), drift control (different settings), creative filters and modulation controls, and a unique sequencer for each voice and 4 packages for each voice. Brood includes our innovative sound state controls, which allow you to identify 3 of them (A, B & C), each of which contains volume, pan, and pitch settings and then move between them.

Brood is the fourth product using our DOSA (Dynamic Oscillator Sequencing Architecture) engine. DOSA is a completely new and unique approach to audio playback, it provides endless sound, which only changes with time, adding realism, movement and interest to each voice.

Publisher: Audio Reward
Format: KONTAKT 5.7+
Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo



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